Sometimes songs talk to you


Little book of awesomeness

Love & Peace


How many happy, beautiful, awesome things could you think of when you would write them all down? A challenge, I thought. So now I have a little book were I write all those things. I’m around 400 happy things now, I try to write at least 5 happy things a day. If you think about it there are so many things to be thankful for. I honestly believe gratitude has some kind of power, your whole life starts changing by just being grateful for what you have, the world through grateful eyes looks so much more beautiful. I’ll give you a beginning:

–          Butterflies

–          Hot cocoa (with whipped cream, of course)

–          Feel-good movies

–          Ice cream on a hot day

–          If the lyrics of a song describes exactly how you feel

–          Long hugs

–          If the clouds are pink in the morning

–          How it smells…

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