Now that the winter olympics are over I’m feeling sooo bored… (stream of consciousness)

Please send help.

At least today it’s a sunny day.

Oh Sunny, a member of SNSD..they should release a new mini album soon and a new MV.

I don’t like their new song very much, but ..always give a second chance to everything.

Surprise me SM.

Surprise me.



Oh. It’s just my cat sleeping.





Seven: Help, Ice Skaters Ruin My Life

A Wonderland Called Earth

Hi there.


I am acting like such a teenager. If I like something, I can’t stop myself and search all the things about it. I’m now addicted to ice skating, obviously. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked watching it. But now? I can’t stop watching it. This is my last 2 days’ summary:

“Oh mom you know Yuzuru Hanyu? He broke a world’s record”

“Hey bro, you know Plushenko? He’s so awesome even though he had 13 surgeries!”

“Hey dad??? DAD???? DAAAAAAD?”

Yeah I know. I’m desperate.

Well, at least I stopped reading for a while.


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to smile!


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Collective Hallucination and Anomalies: The Inexplicable Made Incomprehensible


“I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination” – Scott Adams

Are you having a nice shared hallucination? (Fatima, Portugal) Are you having a nice shared hallucination? (Fatima, Portugal)

So, I hear you were abducted by aliens, faeries, or monsters, you poor thing.  It’s certainly too late to chastise you for wandering alone in the dark woods far from civilization, despite all the folklore alerting you to the consequences.  Now you’re left with missing time, radiation burns, and an unmentionable soreness.  Unfortunately for you, you were alone at the time, the sole witness to a mind-boggling intrusion of unreality.  True believers and fellow abductees will accept the veracity of your claims, the believer because they have unshakeable faith that the aliens are among us and the recovering abductee because your experience equates with their own.  Since the physical evidence is ambiguous (your symptoms could easily be explained by an unfortunate accident involving a defective microwave, a misplaced broom…

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